Sub Sandwich Recipe

Recipe Book USA: Now we give you a great breakfast recipe. it’s name is sub Sandwich. Sub sandwiches are a favorite food of everyone, and this food is very favorite to children. So enjoy this recipe and make it at home. Hope you like this recipe.


5 ounce of butter

Mayonnaise Quarter Cup

Long bread slices 20

White round chili powder 1 tsp

Salt and sugar to taste

Boiled in 2 cups of chicken

It is also necessary to add barley (both purple and white crushed), coriander leaves, lettuce leaves, and curry and carrots as needed.

For Sandwich Filler:

Simmer 2 pieces of chicken breast.

Boil the shrimp 1 cups

Onion thick Chopped 1

Ginger chopped half teaspoon

1/4 teaspoon of salt

1 cups of water

black pepper powder to taste.

Direction :

The Boiled chicken should be cut off from the bone.

Then add the mayonnaise, white pepper powder, salt and sugar to the shrimp and meat.

Now, put the butter on the slices of bread and pour the chicken over it.

Slice the bread into the middle and slice it along with the butter and sprinkle the sesame seeds on the grill.

This time you have to make a full sandwich in the middle.

Now cut in the middle and serve on a plate.

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