Shrimp Roll

Recipe Book USA: Now here’s a new recipe for you. This is a recipe that is very tasty. This food especially for breakfast. Check out the delicious shrimp roll recipe.

• One packet – vermicelli,
• Shrimp 2 ”Size – 6 Pic,
• Oil – Like quantity,
• Salt-flavored,
• Eggs – 2 Pic,
• Ginger and garlic cloves – 3 teaspoons,
• Sausages – 1 tablespoon,
• Green Chili Chopped – 1 tablespoon,
• Red pepper powder- slightly.

* First, clean the shrimp and marinate them with ginger-garlic, salt, pepper powder and sauté for 5 hours.

* Now take the saliva and mix it with a little salt onion, egg, lemon juice.

(Take some water if needed.) Then leave it for 5 minutes.

* Then take the vermicelli and roll it inside with a shrimp.

* Now, submerge in dipping oil and soak it.

* Serve with sauce or chutney and salad.

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