Orange smoothie recipe

Recipe Book USA: Vitamin C is said to increase the body’s resistance to disease. As we know, oranges or malt are rich in vitamin C. It also has many other nutrients including Vitamin A, Fiber, Calcium, Vitamin B6! Tasty and healthy orange smoothies can be easily made at home with a few ingredients. No extra sugar is added to this smoothie made with all the nutritious ingredients. So it is an ideal drink for everyone of all ages. Take a look at the whole process of making orange smoothie without hesitation!

Malta or orange – 2
Tokadai – 4 tablespoons
Banana – 1
Honey – 2 teaspoons
Powdered milk – 2 teaspoons

This smoothie can be made with orange or malt, whatever you have on hand! You can use juice or puree. Or you can cut it into small pieces.

In a blender, blend with banana, sour yogurt and powdered milk for one minute. The mixture will be quite smooth and creamy!

Now blend again with orange and honey for thirty seconds. You can also add half a cup of cold water if you want.

Then strain through a sieve and pour into a glass and serve.

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