Make chocolate ice cream at home

Recipe Book USA: When you go out on the street, your body burns to ashes in the heat Absolutely the same with sweat What if this time the delicious ice cream comes in front of the face? So how? No, no, you don’t have to go to the store for that Instead, make chocolate ice cream at home.

What do you need-
2 cups powdered milk, two and a half cups of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar, two small bars of chocolate, 1 tin of cream, 1 tsp of glucose, half a tin of condensed milk, 1 tbsp of CMC powder, 1 tbsp of cornflower.

How to make-
Powdered milk, water condensed milk, sugar, cornflower should be blended together. Pour the mixture into the pan and heat with chocolate. When it becomes thick, you have to lower it and mix liquid glucose.

After it cools down a bit, CMC should also be matched. After cooling, mix the cream and beat. The mixture should be stored in the deep freezer for 2 hours. You have to beat it out four or five times after two hours. Serve 5 to 6 hours after freezing. If necessary, you can also take it with a little chocolate sauce

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