How much food can you take on air travel?

It should be noted that meals are served on every flight, whether international or domestic. So you don’t have to take extra food. But many people do not eat much food due to family and religious reasons. For that, there is a tradition of taking food from home many times.

Home-cooked meals can be taken on board while traveling on international flights. But be aware of the packing issue. Solid food like fruit, dried fruit, or salad can be easily carried on the flight.

However, liquid food such as curry or sauce should be packed in 100ml containers only. Only then will permission be given to carry food. But the food should be taken in a bag that can be checked easily, wherever necessary. Snacks can also be packed with delicious food.

There are no restrictions on carrying children’s food. You can take essential food for children up to two years. However, different airlines have different rules for taking juice, milk, and baby food. Know them before traveling.

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