Foods that do not cook in a pressure cooker

Recipe Book USA: An interesting tips for you now being offered. It is the pressure cooker to cook some food items should not be. So do not delay, check out the list of pressure cooker can cook the meal.

Milk and milk-cooked meal
milk overflows when there is little adopter. Pressure cooker and cook the milk, something not at all. The only problem is cooked, it is not a big accident happens at any moment.

extra nutrients are lost when cooking fish. When the fish broke a little more cooking, curry is wasted. Fish cooking takes very little time. So the pressure cooker, do not cook.

Eggs boiled
eggs, a pressure cooker to cook the risk of large-scale accidents.

Vegetables and fruits
any more cooked vegetables and fruits do not contain all the essential nutrients. The pressure cooker to cook, do not want to eat well. The pressure cooker is absolutely destroy vitamins, and other nutrients minerals.

pressure cooker stuck in the mouth of the well after the test.

If you are not completely out of steam inside the cooker, not open his mouth.

After waiting at least 15 minutes to extinguish cooker mouth open.

gram type foods that abound the more, the pressure cooker to cook in small quantities. The accident occurred when the amount can be higher.

Do not use the pressure cooker more than a day old. This increases the risk of accidents.

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