Delicious crispy sigara borek for afternoon snack

Now there is an afternoon snack recipe. The recipe is a recipe for Crispy sigara borek. You can have this dish as an afternoon snack. Then check out the recipe of delicious crispy sigara borek without delay.


1 cup minced chicken or beef,

Onion cubes 1/2 cup,

Chilli 1-tablespoon,

Garlic paste 1 teaspoon,

1 spoon of ginger paste,

Cumin powder 1 spoon,

Red chilli powder 1 spoon,

Oil 2/3 tbsp,

Garam masala 2 tbsp.

Pepe, grated carrot 1- cup,

Salt to taste


First, wash the mincemeat and mix all the batter with it well with spices, put it in the oven with a little water and take it off when the water is completely dry.

In another pan, add oil and fry the onion a little in oil, then stir the carrot and papaya with chopped green chillies for a while, then stir well with the boiled mince and add the hot spice powder and tasting salt.

What you will need for the dough:

flour 2/3 cup,

2 spoons of coneflower,

Oil 8/9 tbsp,

The water should be guessed.


All the ingredients of the dough should be mixed together and leavened well with enough water, then the bread should be thinly rolled, then the cooked minced meat should be rolled on the bread, then it should be rolled nicely like Lachha Parota.

After that, deep fry it in oil until golden color and serve it hot with crispy cigars.
With any sauce or chutney.

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