Cream Bun Without Oven

Recipe Book USA: Now here’s a new recipe for you. This is a very testy food recipe. It’s a baking recipe. Check out the Cream Bun Without Oven recipe.


1 cup of milk

Butter – 15 grams

Egg yolk – 3 pic

50 gram of sugar

Flour – 20 grams

Boil the butter in the milk and let it cool down. After this, the sugar with three egg yolks, mixed with flour and mixed with cold milk should be mixed. If mixed with milk, there is little to be made like halwa with fuel. Now keep the cream in the refrigerator.

Now the banner has to be prepared. The following is a list of everything you need to do:

Flour – 300 grams

Corn Flour – 80 grams

Sugar – 60 grams

East- 5 grams

Salt – 5 grams

60 ml of hot water

Hot milk – 80 ml

Heavy Cream – 20 ml

Egg- 2 pic

40 gram unsalted butter


First, stir the flour and corn flakes together and add sugar, salt and East. Mix well, hot milk, hot water, egg mixture to mix it. After some time, it should be well mixed and mixed with unsalted butter in two ways.

You have to rest for 3 hours. After that, keep it in a hot place to cover it by 3. Make the bun dough by pouring the cream into the desired shape with a little flour. After that, apply a little nonstick tawa. Fry until it turns brown.

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