Condensed Milk Recipe (With Video)

Recipe Book USA: In addition to tea, we also use condensed milk to bring a different flavor to different sweet dishes. But who can tell how much milk is in the middle of condensed milk bought in the market? Needless to say the adhesive that these products may contain. So make pure milk condensed milk at home. Only three materials will be needed. Then see –


– 500 ml of milk

– One cup of sugar

– A pinch of baking soda


1) Add milk and sugar to the pan. Continue to stir in medium heat. This cook requires a lot of patience.

Because milk is to be monitored at all times and it is important to keep an eye on the milk so that it does not spread outwards.

2) If the milk is boiled over high heat, it will become a reddish color within 15 minutes.

Medium heat may take a little over 20 minutes.

3) After another 17-18 minutes notice that the milk has become thicker and bubbles are rising through the foam.

4) At this time, the sugar will start to caramelize and as you move you will notice that the milk concentration has changed.

The milk will become like condensed milk when stirring. Remove the stove.

5) Now add baking soda and mix well. It may seem that giving the baking soda has made the milk thinner and the color changed. But if it’s cold, it’ll be okay. Stir loudly and cool down.

The diameter was made of pure condensed milk, made in your own hands! It does not compare to the taste of the bought! Use immediately or put in the refrigerator.

Take a look at the video –


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