Cheese Cake With Biscuits

Recipe Book USA : The name of cheese cake comes out of the tongue! Wanting to eat this cake is not always possible to eat. Because this cake is not always available in all stores. Some cakes are available to buy at this bakery. So when you want to eat, you can not eat cheese cake. Making cheesecake is not difficult anymore. You can easily make this cheesecake at home.


20 grams or 1 digestive biscuit,

1 tablespoon melted butter,

2 pounds cream cheese,

1 cup talk cream,

1 cup sugar,

1 teaspoon vanilla,

5 eggs,

1 tablespoon Corn Flower,

one pinch of salt,

1 lemon powder


* First break the biscuits and knead them. Now mix the melted butter with it. Mix the biscuit powder and butter very well. If possible, use a food processor or blender.

* Then pour it into the oven tray. Spread evenly over the back of the spoon.

* Preheat the oven to 1 Fahrenheit or 4 Celsius. Break the oven tray in the preheated oven for 3-5 minutes.

* Now take out the cake and let the oven preheat to 5 Fahrenheit or 5 Celsius.

* Now take cream cheese in a container and beat it with bitters. Bit until the cream is soft.

* Now mix the sugar with it and beat again.

* Then Corn Flower, Beat with Salt. Then lay eggs one at a time and beat them.

* Beat with lemon zest, vanilla essence and sour cream.

* Now put it on the biscuit cake.

* Allow the oven to bake at 4 degrees F or preheated oven at 4 degrees Celsius.

* Refrigerate overnight at room temperature and refrigerate.

* Serve fun cheesecake with any favorite fruit or raisins.

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