Cauliflower Dessert

Recipe Book USA: Now here’s a new recipe for you. This is a very testy food recipe. It’s a baking recipe. Check out the Cream Bun Without Oven recipe.


1 large cauliflower,

2 liters of milk,

Half a cup of rice, half broken,

One tin of condensed milk;

One cup of fresh palm molasses,

One teaspoon of cardamom powder;

Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder;

Pasta and Almond nut crunch: 4 tablespoon,

2 tablespoons of raisins,

A cup of mawa powder made by hand.


The rice should be boiled with one liter of milk. Cauliflower flowers should be cut short and boiled with half a liter of milk. Mix the rice with jaggery, remaining half a liter of milk, cinnamon, cardamom powder and cook. When thickened, condensed milk, hand-made half mawa, raisins, pasta, amanda kuchi will be served. If the swelling should close the stove. Pour in serving containers, mawa powder, paste with almonds and serve until cool.

Hand-made mawa


One cup of powdered milk,

Two tablespoons of sugar,

Ghee two tablespoons,

One tablespoon of kernel.


All the ingredients should be rubbed together and knead with a hand for some time.

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