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3 flavored recipes for vegan coffee

3 flavored recipes for vegan coffee

by Afiya Mallick

For those who are vegan, plant-based diets and livelihoods are not the only things that are always on the mind. Sometimes the desire to have a great cup of cream and coffee with caramel also arises. So let’s look at three types of coffee recipes made with coconut milk.

Hot coffee

Ingredients: 2 cups thick coconut milk, 1 cup freshly brewed coffee liqueur, 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, sugar or any other sweetener, half a teaspoon vanilla extract

Method: Mix coffee, coconut milk and vanilla extract in a large mug by hand or with a beater. Then after boiling in the oven, reduce the heat and add some more fuel. Then sift the cocoa powder. This will prevent the formation of cocoa powder. If you like sweet coffee, add sugar or any other sweetener. Enjoy the warmth.

Thai iced coffee

Ingredients: One-fourth of a cup of coffee liqueur, a little less than half a cup of cold water, 1 tablespoon of vanilla, a few mint leaves, a little syrup, half a cup of coconut milk, a few pieces of ice

Method: Coconut milk should be infused with vanilla extract, mint and syrup. When thick, cool down. In a glass or long mug, first add coffee, then cold water and ice. At the end of all then pour the chilled coconut milk of mint. Enjoy the delicious Thai iced tea with mint flavor.

Coconut Iced Coffee

Ingredients: 150 ml or half cup of coffee liqueur, half a cup of coconut milk, 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, half a cup of cold coconut milk, a few ice cubes, a little vanilla extract

Method: To make coffee, mix sugar in cold coconut milk and beat with the help of a hand or electric mixer. Beat until thick foam is formed. Then add two tablespoons of chocolate syrup, ice, coffee liqueur, normal temperature coconut milk and vanilla extract. Spread the remaining one tablespoon of chocolate syrup on top and enjoy the delicious coconut mocha iced coffee.

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