Protect the kitchen from ants - Recipe Book
Protect the kitchen from ants

Protect the kitchen from ants

by Afiya Mallick

Ant infestation. They attack everything from the kitchen to the bathroom, the cupboard, the dining table. Sometimes they don’t even hesitate to get into your bed of peace. Within a few minutes of leaving any food, their nuisance begins. What seems to be an impossible annoyance cannot be expressed in words. However, using natural ingredients is much better than using chemical drugs, as it does not endanger the health of your family. So fun cooking is giving you one of the most effective homemade tips to kill ants. As a result of using these homemade tips, your house will be completely free of ants as there will be no need for any chemical medicine in the house. So let’s take a look at the effective tips for ants.

Everything you need: Cinnamon

How to make:

You must have cinnamon in your house. Then this cinnamon will be your weapon to fight ants. Cinnamon is disliked by ants. Nothing to do. Just grind the cinnamon finely.

Then spread out on the ants’ lane, or the way the ants enter your home. If there is a nest somewhere in the house, spread it there too. Even if ants attack something or if you want to save something from ants, spread cinnamon powder there. Of course, ants will not find a place to escape.

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