Cream pudding at home - Recipe Book
Cream pudding at home

Cream pudding at home

by Afiya Mallick


2 cups condensed milk,

1 cup of sugar,

4 chicken eggs,

2 cardamom powder,

Cream 2 tablespoons.


1 liter of milk should be halved with firewood. Mix sugar with eggs and blend milk, eggs, sugar, cardamom powder and cream well.

Now put a pot in the oven and caramel it with a little ghee / oil / butter / sugar.

Now pour the egg mixture in the pot caramelized with sugar, cover the mouth of the pot with lid and boil it or keep it in steam for 15-20 minutes with water in pressure cooker.

Let the pudding cool. Cut around the mold with a knife. The plate should be inverted by pressing it on the face of the mold.

Leave in the fridge to cool and serve with delicious cream pudding.

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